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Our apothecary offers a wide range of Ancestral products that have been divined through generations for us to share with you now. All of our products are created with the intention of Ancestral veneration, justice, abundance in all of its forms, and healing for our world and community. 

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Ancestral Mathematics

In order to be born, you needed:

  • 2 parents

  • 4 grandparents

  • 8 great-grandparents

  • 16 second great-grandparents

  • 32 third great-grandparents

  • 64 fourth great-grandparents

  • 128 fifth great-grandparents

  • 256 sixth great-grandparents

  • 512 seventh great-grandparents

  • 1,024 eighth great-grandparents

  • 2,048 ninth great-grandparents


For you to be born today from 12 previous generations, you needed a total sum of 4,094 ancestors over the last 400 years.

Think for a moment – How many struggles? How many battles? How many difficulties? How much sadness? How much happiness? How many love stories? How many expressions of hope for the future? How many triumphs? – did your ancestors have to experience for you to exist in this present moment…

[Ancestral Illumination Guided Journal for Black Tarot]

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