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Our Story

Kenda and Nyasha meet in Baltimore through Kenda's son, now Nyasha's husband. Kenda has been instrumental in Nyasha's most recent spiritual awakenings, and working together practicing Ancestral Veneration has continued to strengthen their craft. 


The two heard the call to collaborate on some of the projects and creations they were receiving Ancestrally to step into beginning with the Ancestor money and handmade incense. 

As a team, the Mother-in-love and Daughter-in-love duo take pride in their products and recipes, which are made with only the highest quality ingredients and inspired by our Ancestors' wisdom. Together they are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and sharing our knowledge and passion for Ancestral Veneration with all customers.

Meet the Creators


Nyasha Williams is a passionate individual driven by communal creativity, innovation, and a desire to leave the world better than she found it. Nyasha's mission is to use creative endeavors to indigenize and liberate through literature, minds, and spiritual practices.

As a weaver and a visionary, Nyasha works to inspire and uplift others, extending ripples and waves of healing, justice and dreaming anew. 

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Kenda Bell is a highly esteemed intuitive coach who utilizes her gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance to support her clients in various areas of life as a Spiritual Nutritionist. Her coaching centerpiece is “The Joy Factor” which is a spiritual nutrition system that helps people cultivate & maintain joy as the foundation for all experiences in life. “The Joy Factor” philosophy is that “life’s challenges are only growth opportunities in disguise.” 

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