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Note from the Creators on Ancestor Illumination Apothecary'Ancestor Money

Ancestor Money

This money was created first with the intention of communal Ancestral healing. We have so many Ancestors who put in the work for the community and even more whose contributions have gone unrecognized. Before burning the money, ensure that you first pay homage to the Ancestor on the bill and send gratitude and revival in all that was given in their work on Earth. Then call forth that the loving, liberating, and uplifting, energetic impact of the Ancestor(s) be amplified. Read aloud a list of all of your family names that you know of while physically linking with everyone participating in the burning and the money to be used in the offering. Acknowledge Ancestors who chose to take their lives rather than a life of bondage or enslavement and those whose lives were taken in bondage.

About the Creation of the Bills as Ancestor Money:

Every bill design is intentionally crafted to memorialize each Ancestor's energetic vibrations. Sigils were Ancestrally channeled to amplify the pure purpose of the created offerings. All images, writing, and numbers are connected to the Ancestor on that particular bill. Every batch is blessed, and we hope is received by those who will continue to expand the ripples and waves of our community’s healing and prosperity.

Ancestor Money Activation:

Let the bills get some sunlight before burning. If you are looking for that extra kick of energy, let the money sunbathe in the day's first and/or last hour of sunlight.


1. Have a stainless container ready

2. Activate the money

3. Set the intention and read Family Names

4. Burn the Ancestral Money bill by bill in the container

5. Speak to the Ancestors while the paper is burning

6. Ensure the fire is completely down and out before giving the ashes to the earth or a tree.

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