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Fannie Lou Hammer / Ancestor Money

Fannie Lou Hammer / Ancestor Money


Product Type: Ancestor Money | Spirit Money | Heaven Bank Notes | Hell Notes | Ghost Money | Spirit Tender | Astral Cash | Joss Paper

Size: 6.1x2.8 inches

When to use: Funerals / Birthdays / Weekly Salary / Holidays / Ancestral Dreams / Divination 

Product Description: This bill centers Fannie Lou Hammer as an Ancestor and her Ancestral energetic vibration of her voice toward creating communal change.

Vibe/Intention of Bill: Justice / Activist / Founder / Equitable Systems / Consent / Business Opportunities / Voting Justice /

Why this Ancestor was chosen: Fannie dedicated her life for The People. She bravely spoke her truth calling for justice and equity for the Black community. 


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