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Henrietta Lacks / Ancestor Money

Henrietta Lacks / Ancestor Money


Product Type: Ancestor Money | Spirit Money | Heaven Bank Notes | Hell Notes | Ghost Money | Spirit Tender | Astral Cash | Joss Paper


Size: 6.1x2.8 inches


When to use: Funerals / Birthdays / Weekly Salary / Holidays / Ancestral Dreams / Divination 


Product Description: This bill centers Henrietta Lacks as an Ancestor and her Ancestral energetic vibration of omnipotent Ancestral footprint.


Vibe/Intention of Bill: Consent / Generational Work / Infinity / Immortal / Medial Health /


Why this Ancestor was chosen: Henrietta becoming an nonconsensual donor led to us all being connected to her and her legacy through the medical advances her cells have made possible. Henrietta Lacks became known because of the wrong done to her in the name of science. Her legacy amplifies awareness around the inequities in health provision and research, speaking into existence a more just and inclusive healthcare system.

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