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Blockbuster / Reset Optimizer Incense

Blockbuster / Reset Optimizer Incense


Product Description: 


Unlock the transformative power of our Blockbuster / Reset Optimizer Incense, intentionally crafted in small batches.


This herbal blend features a harmonious fusion of thoughtfully sourced ingredients, including copal, white sage, mint, palo santo, hyssop, patchouli, marigold, rue, camphor, yerba santa, and more.


This incense is formulated with the utmost care and intention, a product of mindful creation. It is the ideal blend for those who desire to clear & shift energy in themselves as well as their environment. This product serves as the perfect sacred offering to your spirit team, deities, and/or Ancestors.


Size: 15 ml (Small) / 60 ml (Large)


How To Use: 


This herbal blend is designed to elevate experiences. It can be burned on charcoal or added to an oil burner with your favorite oil. It can be added to baths or rubbed on the body, clothing, etc to shift energy.


It can be sprinkled in spaces, added to candles, or even added to a personal satchel to carry with you. This blend is concentrated  & packs a punch.




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